4 Common Heat Pump Problems & How to Avoid Them

Heat pumps are an efficient alternative to standard heating or air conditioning units in Monroe, NC, and provide your home with temperature-regulated airflow that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. But, just like all other heating and cooling devices, heat pumps can run into issues that affect their functionality, leaving you in need of heat pump repair. 

Sometimes the heat pump repairs your unit requires are quick and straightforward, while other times, it’s best left to professional technicians who have the knowledge and experience to fix it correctly the first time. Below are some of the most common heat pump problems and how you can avoid them in your home in Monroe, NC. 

  • It Doesn’t Turn On

There are a handful of reasons your heat pump may not startup. For starters, it’s a good idea to check if the circuit breaker for your heat pump is still switched on. Because heat pumps require a great deal of energy to start, they can sometimes trip the breaker switch.

Another component to check is your thermostat—double-check it’s set correctly and isn’t giving any warnings. If both the circuit breaker and thermostat look normal, it may be an issue with the starter capacitor or the reverse valve. 

You’ll know it’s a capacitor issue if you can hear a clicking sound coming from your heat pump when it tries to turn on without any luck. A reversing valve problem usually occurs when the unit will cool but not heat, or vice versa. These more complicated heat pump repairs should be left to trained HVAC professionals. 

  • It’s Constantly Running

If you notice your heat pump running almost non-stop, and there has been a significant increase in your energy bill, you may need heat pump repairs. But first, check your unit’s air filter. Like any heating and cooling unit, your heat pump’s air filter will accumulate dirt and debris over time, which is why it’s wise to check it every month and change it every 90 days or so. 

Suppose you change the air filter and the unit keeps running continually. In that case, you may have a damaged compressor contractor, which should be regulating the amount of power going to your unit. An HVAC repair like this is more complicated, and Air Care Heating and Cooling can take care of it for you.

  • It Won’t Heat

Winters in the Monroe, NC, area can get surprisingly cold, so if your heat pump isn’t working well to heat your home, it’s a problem. In some cases, the cause for this is once again a dirty air filter, which is relatively easy to resolve. 

Another possibility is blocked airflow. Your heat pump works by pulling warm air from the outside, so your unit won’t function properly if that airflow is blocked by leaves, snow, ice, or other items.  You can determine the location of your air intake vent and check if it needs to be cleared. 

If your air filter is new and your intake vent isn’t blocked, but your heat pump still isn’t heating your home correctly, it could be a refrigerant problem. You may have a refrigerant leak on your hands, or your unit needs a recharge. Because refrigerants can pose a risk to you and your family, have a certified HVAC technician handle this type of heat pump repair. Not only can they assess the situation and find the best solution, but they are also trained to do it safely and securely. 

  • It Isn’t Cooling

Since a heat pump operates in much the same way to cool your home as it does to heat it, many of the same issues could be to blame for the lack of cooling. For a unit that isn’t cooling your home well, one easy check you can do is to verify your thermostat is switched to “cool” and is at a reasonable temperature. If you set the thermostat too low (or too high), it can overexert your heat pump and cause it to be ineffective. 

When the settings are correct but you’re still not getting enough cool air, check that the air filter is clean and the airflow is normal. If everything checks out, it could be a reversing valve issue, buildup on other components, or refrigerant problems. Our HVAC experts can troubleshoot the situation and offer you appropriate solutions.  

Count on Air Care Heating and Cooling for Heat Pump Repairs

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