Getting To Know Your Furnace

When the cold weather hits and your furnace starts acting up, you and everyone in your home will know it. It’s not hard to identify when your heating system isn’t working right, but figuring out which part has failed might be a bit more challenging. 

Let’s face it, not many people know the difference between a blower motor and the supply plenum! Your local HVAC team can often help you get better acquainted with your heating system.

This article is designed to teach you the ropes about your heating system in Mint Hill, NC. Once you’ve learned a little, if your furnace goes out, you can give your local HVAC team a call and let them know exactly what they need to repair.

Heating Service: The Ins and Outs of Furnace Repair

When you look at your furnace, you probably see one big piece of metal. If it breaks, it’s hard to picture what part of that big metal box could possibly be the cause. It might be strange to learn that there are actually several moving parts that work together to help your heating system function.

If you need a furnace repair, heating service, or even a new furnace installation, your HVAC technician will have to look at each piece of the system separately and figure out why it is no longer working as it should. 

Once they figure out the source of the issue, the technician will then repair or replace the part that went bad, which should get your heat back up and running.

Your local HVAC contractor is ready to perform furnace repairs to ensure that your heating system will be functioning at full capacity. Even if you don’t know what the issue is, don’t hesitate to call them about furnace repair and heating services in Mint Hill, NC, today.

What are the Parts of Your Heating System?

In the event that your furnace needs repair or parts replacement, there are a few areas that are more likely to be the cause of the issues. Some of the most commonly affected areas parts of the furnace are:

  • Air Filters
  • Pilot Lights
  • Blowers
  • Return Ducts
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Burners

If you are hearing loud banging noises or the hot air isn’t circulating, the likely culprit will be found among these parts.

Why Do These Parts Act Up?

More often than not, these furnace parts break or wear out simply due to wear and tear. From lack of use in the summer to over-use in the winter, there are a few possible causes that might disrupt your furnace’s ability to function:

Dust Build-Up

Return Ducts, burners, and air filters are components that can get very dusty and full of debris. If you are having problems with your heat flow, your HVAC team will check these parts first to make sure that they are clean and clear. 

Loud or High Pitched Noises

Depending on if the sound is more rattling and popping or whistling, this type of issue could be due to loose ducts or a frayed blower belt. If you are experiencing excessive noises along with your heating, an HVAC technician will take a look at these typical problem areas.

Complete Furnace Shut Down

If your furnace suddenly goes out, it might be because your heat exchanger or pilot light is malfunctioning. The pilot light regulates gas flow in a gas furnace, and if it isn’t working right, it could cause your gas flow to shut off. 

The heat exchanger keeps the furnace’s warming flame away from the circulating air, and if you are over-heating your home, it can crack. Your HVAC expert will inspect these areas right away whenever your furnace shuts down suddenly.

If you are having trouble with any of these common furnace issues, a furnace repair or heating service inspection in Mint, NC, by qualified professionals will be the key to getting it back to normal.

Furnace Installation Services

Furnace installations are even more involved than a repair or part replacement. For an installation, the HVAC technicians need to assemble the whole furnace and heating system from start to finish.

Everything will have to be fitted together to form the whole heating system. 

Depending on whether your fuel source will be gas or electric, a few parts might be different from those listed below. The parts involved in an average heating system include:

  • Air Filters
  • Blowers, Blower Motors, and a Blower Chamber
  • Burners and Burner Covers
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Damper
  • Ducts, including the Return Duct
  • Flame Sensor
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Pilot Light (on gas heaters)
  • Supply Plenum
  • Supply Register

In the event that your whole furnace needs to be replaced, or if you are building a new home or adding on an extension, the team at Air Care Heating and Cooling can get your new furnace installation up and running in no time.

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