What is HVAC? Learn More About Home Heating and Cooling Systems

You may know that an HVAC system in a home delivers temperature-controlled air to each room when you want it. But, what exactly is HVAC? The experts at Air Care Heating and Cooling compiled information you need to know about HVAC systems and how they can make your home more comfortable. Keep reading, to learn more about your home HVAC system.

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What is HVAC?

At this point, you’re likely ready to know, what is HVAC. The four letters in HVAC stand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC systems filter outdoor air, creating cool air inside your home and helping you to escape the summer heat. In addition, they are useful in the winter, working in reverse and warming the air inside your home to fight the chilly nights.


The “H” or heating part of HVAC refers to the ability to warm cold outdoor air during the winter to keep your home safe and comfortable inside. While individual heaters are useful for single rooms, a central heating system saves you from chilly walks down the hallway to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The uniform system protects your home from uneven heating, while still allowing you to set specific temperatures for each room if you want to.

Heating your home doesn’t just help with HVAC-related issues, it can also help other areas of your residence, like your plumbing system. When your home isn’t heated during freezing outdoor days, your piping system is more likely to freeze. Neglecting your home’s heat can cause major issues like plumbing parts that stop working altogether, leaks or even flooding.


The “V” or ventilation part of HVAC refers to any process that improves the air quality inside your home. Through ventilation, dirty air is filtered and mold, mildew, dust, smoke, and other irritants are removed from circulation. Therefore, proper ventilation helps to keep your family from contracting airborne illnesses and your home from adopting or holding strange smells.

Experts help improve natural ventilation in your home by introducing proper seals and exhaust ventilation by reducing indoor air pressure. Professional ventilation services increase the efficiency of your HVAC system, helping homeowners reduce their monthly energy costs. That’s why it’s always important to maintain and update your system’s ventilation when it requires it.

Air Conditioning

The “AC” or air conditioning part of HVAC refers to the ability to cool warm outdoor air during the summer to keep your home comfortable and cool inside. Air conditioning services not only increase the functionality of your home, they also increase its safety. After all, extreme heat can be detrimental to your elderly or newborn family members, who need a cool, clean space.

Central air conditioning systems provide the convenience of keeping the nursery in your home nice and cool, while your living room can stay at a slightly warmer temperature. The customization that air conditioning systems offer also allows you to cool areas of your home that tend to be hotter than the main section of your house, like your garage or basement.

What are the Types of HVAC systems?

Some HVAC systems transport cool or warm air through a series of ducts to divide it through your home. Other HVAC systems use ductless systems to produce their own temperature-controlled air. To learn more about the differences between ductwork and ductless systems, keep reading. Our experts break down everything you need to know about each.

Ductwork HVAC

If you are looking for an HVAC system that uses ductwork to transport air through your home, it’s important to assess your existing system. During an initial consultation, an installer will determine whether they are dealing with new central air or ac replacement situation. During a replacement service, your current ductwork will need to be tested to determine if it can remain.

However, during a new installation, ductwork will need to be installed for the first time. HVAC technicians can help you determine which size unit is compatible with your home and where ductwork should be run to deliver air most efficiently and maintain your home’s aesthetic. Due to new ductwork, first installations can take longer than upgrade replacements.

Ductless HVAC

Ductless HVAC systems, like mini-split AC systems, don’t require ductwork to deliver central air. This regularly makes them the better choice in homes that have never operated central air systems. Because of the lack of ductwork, ductless HVAC installations are typically quicker. Mini-split AC systems also offer extended air purification and dehumidifying capabilities.

Ductless systems are also regularly more energy efficient because they don’t have the issue of duct leaks, which waste energy. Mini-split AC systems are especially useful in extended areas of your home like your garage, atrium, basement, home gym, or laundry room. Ductless systems are often marketed as the quietest air conditioning systems available.

What Is the Importance of HVAC Maintenance?

Calling a nearby HVAC professional every few months may seem excessive. However, your filters accumulate dirt and dust fast, and regular maintenance can increase your system’s lifespan by up to 30 percent. On average, dirty filters need to be replaced at least every 90 days. Other components like clogged coils can withstand a year of use before replacement.

Other services conducted during HVAC maintenance include minor repairs and assessments on how near your unit is to major repairs or installation needs. During this appointment, we can also go over any ways you can improve the use of your HVAC system and how you may be able to cut monthly energy costs down at home. Our tips and tricks will keep your HVAC at its best.

HVAC System Tune-Up

An HVAC system tune-up differs slightly from regular HVAC maintenance. While regular maintenance services issues like dirty filters, an HVAC system tune-up addresses problems in your system’s efficiency long-term. Developing a strong relationship with an HVAC company helps them learn your system, so they can point out any consistent issues.

Finding persistent problems helps HVAC technicians better understand where they can improve your system or if a replacement is necessary. While a well-maintained HVAC system can last up to 25 years, systems that experience the same frequent repairs may need a full upgrade of materials. An HVAC replacement will make sure you’re getting the most out of your unit.

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