Air Cleaners, Purifiers & Whole-Home Air Filtration in Charlotte, NC

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Nowadays, we’re more aware of the dangers of airborne illnesses than ever. While our homes can feel safe and away from the dangers of harmful air, indoor air quality is actually multiple times worse than outside, especially if your home has poor filtration.

Your home is full of dust, allergens, and other particulates at all times. While no air cleaners, purifiers, & whole-home air filtration make your home’s air 100% perfect, a simple service from our team at Air Care Heating and Cooling can go a long way to securing your home’s air quality and your family’s health.

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Air Cleaners in Mecklenburg County

If you have a sensitivity to dusty, stuffy air, or you just want to breathe healthier air generally, an air cleaner installation can help keep your space more comfortable. A whole house air cleaner can improve your and your family’s health and overall quality of life.

At Air Care Heating and Cooling, we want to help you make the most of your air quality. We offer various electronic air cleaner products from top brands like York, Goodman, and Trane.

Charlotte, NC, Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a great choice for those who need more help with their air quality, be it in their home, office, or car. An installation of our media air cleaner or whole house air purifier systems keeps your area cleaner and easier to breathe in.

Many don’t know the difference between air sanitizers, air cleaners, purifiers, & whole-home air filtration. For some, it’s only a matter of semantics, but sanitizers and purifiers have different ways of cleaning your air. For example, these two systems have certain differences:

  • Air purifier: An air purifier takes in air and removes pollutants through its filtration system. These systems need a filter cleaning or replacement every three to six months to continue operating efficiently.
  • Air sanitizer: Instead of trapping pollutants in a filter, air sanitizers destroy germs and other dangerous microorganisms via irradiation or UV light.

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Serving the Charlotte Metropolitan Area with Whole-Home Air Filtration

If you want to keep all the air in your home clean, only a whole-home air filtration system will do. A whole-home air filter filters out the harmful irritants and germs in your home, providing a constant supply of fresh, clean air.

Whether you have pets, use a lot of hairspray, smoke, or simply want a healthier house, your home can benefit from a whole-home air filtration system installed by our team at Air Care Heating and Cooling.

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