Mini-Split (Ductless) AC

As the true summer heat starts to set in here in Monroe, NC, you want the best cooling system for your home. A mini-split AC could be your best option for keeping your house cool and comfortable without breaking the bank. The professional Air Care Heating and Cooling provide ductless AC installation and service you can rely on.

Mini-Split AC Replacements

Ductless mini splits are an excellent choice for replacing older AC systems or new AC installations and augmenting cooling in specific cooling zones. Read on to see if ductless air conditioning could be the right choice for your home.

Is your current AC system running your bills too high and not keeping your home cool? 

A ductless AC system replacement can give you the following benefits:

  • A more comfortable home
  • Lower utility bills
  • Maintenance savings
  • Better control over home’s temperature

Air Care Heating and Cooling puts decades of experience into action to deliver the optimal cooling system for your home.

We can determine what your best option is for replacing your existing AC system. Our expert technicians can determine the cooling load requirements for your home and find the right mini-split AC configuration for your home’s unique needs.

These ductless systems can be installed in almost any home or business, requiring only a compact conduit between the interior and exterior components for installation. They’re the perfect choice for homes with aging AC systems.

Ductless AC Repairs

Of course, our team is fully qualified to service any air conditioning units we install. If your existing mini-split AC or any other type of AC isn’t delivering adequate cooling, we can quickly diagnose the root cause and provide reliable repairs.

Don’t let a faulty AC run up your utility bills. Air Care Heating and Cooling provides all the AC repairs you need in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. We want to save our customers money, so we help your AC last longer with efficient service.

Air Conditioning for Any Home or Business

Ductless AC systems are one of the best options for improving the cooling systems of older homes and businesses. If your home doesn’t have an existing central air system, putting one in could be extremely expensive, if not impossible.

Instead, an efficient ductless AC system is a quick installation that takes up minimal space. This option is the most versatile solution out there today. You can even install mini splits to provide additional cooling for home additions where your central air system isn’t enough.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Our professional technicians provide air conditioning maintenance and tune-ups for any type of AC system. In Indian Trail, NC, and the surrounding areas, we can get your AC running better in time for summer and catch necessary repairs before they get worse.

Air Care Heating and Cooling offers memberships in our Priority Service Club to keep your systems running better. The club package includes annual tune-ups for both your AC and heating systems. Members also receive discounts on repairs and replacements, along with our guaranteed 24-hour response time.

Getting Your New Mini-Split Air Conditioning System

Our team evaluates your cooling needs and divides your home into cooling zones to deliver the best cooling for your home. Each zone has its own mini-split unit, letting you set independent temperatures for different parts of your home. Flexible zoning can give you both increased comfort and savings on your utility bills.

Mini-split installation is very efficient. The indoor and outdoor parts of the system are joined by a small conduit just three inches wide. This leaves minimal impact on your home and makes installation possible practically anywhere.

Ductless air conditioning systems have many advantages over central air systems. The ductwork that runs throughout the home for central air systems leads to significant losses. You can avoid this by choosing a mini-split system for your next AC replacement. Doing so can save you money while keeping your home comfortable.

Ductless AC System Savings

AC replacement is always a significant expense, but a mini-split system can deliver major savings over its lifetime. They are highly efficient, and the increased control you have over your home’s cooling will save you money that you waste cooling rooms you aren’t even using.

When you choose your replacement AC, you want a professional team with decades of experience. Air Care Heating and Cooling has the expertise needed to size your new AC system properly.

If the cooling load for your home isn’t calculated correctly, you stand to lose money on utility costs and on buying a larger unit than necessary. Get too small a unit, and you won’t be able to keep your home at the temperature you want. Trust the professionals when making these important decisions.

Mini-Split AC Installations and Service in Monroe, NC

Air Care Heating and Cooling is the top choice in Monroe, NC, for all your HVAC services. Keep your home cool and comfortable while saving on installation, maintenance, and utility bills with a new mini-split system. For any of your AC needs, Air Care Heating and Cooling is here to provide reliable, professional service. Contact us today to schedule your next AC service.