Charlotte Air Handler Services

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Air handlers are useful for regulating your home’s internal temperatures. While they look like little more than boxes, they reduce energy consumption and help improve indoor air quality. Long popular in commercial buildings, they are now becoming equally sought after in homes in Concord and Matthews.

However, for an air handler to be effective, regular upkeep is vital. Our team at Air Care Heating and Cooling can help by providing comprehensive air handler maintenance, repairs, installations, and replacements. With a track record of service that spans 25 years, we know how to deliver exceptional services with reliable results.

We work with the best brands to ensure your air handler replacement is durable and effective. Our air handler service team uses the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure your current model is as efficient as it can be. We also always prioritize air handler repair over replacements to keep costs down.

We also offer heating installation and repair, so you can keep your home comfortable year-round.

Air Handler Installation in Mecklenburg County

Any reputable air handler services team will advise you to install one of these units. While your AC unit can run without one, it runs significantly better when one is in place. This is because the metal box contains many vital HVAC components, including the:

  • Cooling elements
  • Filter racks
  • Attenuators
  • Dampers
  • Heater
  • Blower

More sophisticated designs also incorporate humidifiers. The overall function of this component is to help your HVAC system regulate internal temperatures better. It also provides an easy access point for repairs of critical system components.

However, we recommend leaving the repairs and maintenance to us. It is easy to damage electronic elements when you are unsure of what you’re doing or do not have the proper equipment.

Air Handler Repair in Charlotte, North Carolina

Homeowners often require our air handler services for the following reasons:

  • Contaminants like mildew, mold, or debris block the blower chamber and reduce the unit’s efficiency.
  • Leaks from the condensate pan overflow and damage electronic components or flood the box.

Our air handler services can help improve the overall lifespan of the unit. However, you will need to replace it eventually. Our technicians will advise you when they feel it is more cost-effective. For example, a replacement may be the better option if your current unit:

  • Will require a series of ongoing repairs
  • Can no longer maintain a reasonable operating efficiency
  • Is affecting your energy bills due to poor performance
  • Becomes hazardous to your family’s health
  • Is starting to corrode
  • Is very outdated

When you need us to check your indoor air quality in the Piedmont area, like Concord or Charlotte, give us a call.

Professional Air Handler Service Serving the Charlotte Metropolitan Area

What is the condition of your air handler? When last did you schedule professional air handler services? If you can no longer remember, it’s time to contact our team of experienced experts at Air Care Heating and Cooling.

With proper maintenance, you can avoid unexpected problems and extend the life of your unit. You can also save money on utility bills by boosting its energy efficiency!

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