Charlotte Air Conditioning Installations and Replacements

When you need air conditioning installations or replacements, call Air Care Heating and Cooling. We proudly serve the Greater Charlotte Metropolitan area!

Choosing an AC replacement can seem overwhelming with all the available models. Throw in the jargon manufacturers use, and it’s challenging to know which is the best option. Fortunately, our team at Air Care Heating and Cooling can simplify the air conditioner installation process for Charlotte, NC, homeowners by helping you narrow your choices.

Need AC maintenance instead? We offer AC tune-ups throughout Queen City!

New AC Installation in Mecklenburg County

Our AC contractor will perform an on-site visit and conduct a thorough consultation before any installation service. Once we better understand your needs and budgetary requirements, we recommend the ideal air conditioning replacement from some of the best brands available.

As your AC installation company, we always act in your best interests.

After we install your new air conditioner, you can maximize the benefits of your new system by:

  • Updating your home’s insulation
  • Replacing the air filters on schedule
  • Opting for professional maintenance annually
  • Using a programmable thermostat
  • Setting your unit at a slightly higher temperature
  • Closing your drapes

Signs It’s Time for AC Replacement in Charlotte, NC

Deciding to replace your AC unit and undertake a new central air conditioner installation is a major decision. We’ll do our best to help you stave off this decision with high-quality repairs. However, we typically recommend air conditioning installations and replacements when units:

  • Are 15 years or older
  • Are so inefficient it raises your energy bills
  • Will require frequent repairs going forward
  • Need major overhauls

We perform diagnostics with highly sophisticated equipment to carefully check how efficient your air conditioner is. If we feel you would be better off with a more efficient model, we’ll recommend air conditioning installations and replacements.

We understand that the prospect is unappealing, so we make the replacement process as convenient as possible. We treat this as a new installation from the start, meaning you get the same advice you would for a brand-new build.

Where possible, we advise you on claiming from insurance and can provide free estimates to give to your insurer.  Finally, we understand this is a large purchase, so we offer affordable financing options.

Struggling with allergies in your home? Schedule an indoor air quality check with our experts!

Ensuring Quality AC Installation While Serving the Charlotte Metropolitan Area

Why do residents in the Greater Charlotte Metro Area trust us? Here are a few reasons:

  • We are licensed and insured.
  • Our pricing is transparent and fair.
  • We are BBB-accredited with an excellent track record.
  • We have over 25 years in business.
  • We only partner with leading manufacturers like Goodman, Trane, and York.
  • Our team is on standby 24/7 in case of emergencies.
  • We offer attractive membership plans and full financing.

At Air Care Heating and Cooling, we provide custom solutions for your cooling needs. We ensure you have the right system to keep your home comfortable. We also work within your needs and budget so you receive the outstanding service you deserve.

Our service area covers Southwestern Northern Carolina, so if you’re in an area like Harrisburg, Wesley Chapel, or Monroe, give us a call!

Contact us at Air Care Heating and Cooling to discuss air conditioning installations and replacements today. Reach out by calling 704-469-5833 for service in Charlotte, NC, and the Greater Charlotte Area.