Charlotte Heat Pump Services

Reduce your heating costs with reliable heat pump services in the greater Charlotte area. Call Air Care Heating and Cooling today.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), heating consumes more energy than any other system in your household, accounting for about 29% of your utility bill. If you’re looking for a way to keep your home warm and comfortable while saving energy and money, consider a heat pump system.

Heat pumps deliver heating and cooling more efficiently than conventional HVAC systems and can reduce your energy use by 20 to 40%. If you need reliable heat pump services in Charlotte, NC, our Air Care Heating and Cooling team is here for you.

We’re a fully licensed and BBB-accredited company with over 15 years of experience in heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair. Contact our professionals to discuss your needs and request a free estimate.

If you have cooling issues, we can also help. We provide professional AC repair and maintenance in the Charlotte Metro Area.

Emergency Heat Pump Repair Service in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area

When your heat pump malfunctions, you should call for repair as soon as possible to prevent further damage. We offer emergency heat pump repair services throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Our trustworthy technicians will arrive at your address quickly to restore your system to its optimum performance. Sometimes, your heat pump will show warning signs before it stops working completely. Signs that it’s time to schedule heat pump services to include:

  • Temperature fluctuations: If the temperature fluctuates while your heat pump system is running, you should call a professional to check it.
  • Strange odors: Never ignore any strange smells around your heat pump. Burned-out wiring and accumulated dust are some major causes of unpleasant heat pump smells.
  • Increased electric bills: If you notice a spike in your energy bills, you may have a problem with your heat pump. A 2020 study showed that air fault could increase heat pump annual energy consumption by as much as 15%.

Heat Pump Maintenance Service in Charlotte, NC

According to, regular heat pump maintenance can improve energy efficiency by up to 25%. It can also minimize the heating system’s operating costs, prevent frequent repairs, and extend your equipment’s lifespan.

We recommend scheduling heat pump maintenance annually to ensure your system works efficiently throughout the year. During routine maintenance, we thoroughly inspect your system and perform various critical tasks, including:

  • A comprehensive safety check
  • Replacing the filters
  • Cleaning the fan and coils
  • Checking for any potential problems

Besides heat pump services, we provide indoor air quality services in Southwestern North Carolina.

Heat Pump Replacement & Installation in Mecklenburg County

If your heat pump is ten to 15 years old and requires frequent repairs, consider replacing it. You might also want to replace your traditional furnace with a heat pump system.

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, modern heat pumps can reduce your energy usage on heating by roughly 50% compared to conventional heating systems.

We’ve provided heat pump installation and replacement services in Charlotte for over a decade. Our trustworthy technicians will help you find an ENERGY STAR-certified heat pump system that suits your needs and budget.

Call us at Air Care Heating and Cooling at 704-469-5833 to schedule reliable heat pump service in Concord, Weddington, and other locations in The Greater Charlotte area.