HVAC Replacement Services in Charlotte, NC

You likely sing the praises of your HVAC unit all year long. After all, your furnace warms you up after a chilly walk outdoors, and your AC provides refreshing relief in the heat of the summer. This modern dynamic duo is responsible for homes staying the ideal temperature through every season…until they malfunction.

Nothing brings HVAC replacement to the top of your mind, like cold fingers and toes or suffocating heat indoors. Whether your HVAC replacement is an emergency procedure or planned service, Air Care Heating and Cooling are ready to help you find a unit that fits your space while being kind to your budget.

Do I Need an AC Replacement?

Your AC unit works hard to keep you cool. Watching for some telltale signs of wear and tear can save you from an emergency AC replacement down the road. Here are some of the symptoms that you can watch for.

Unusual Sounds

An AC on the fritz may create hissing, rattling, squeaking, or grinding sounds in place of the typical quiet hush of air. These sounds are never a good sign!

Excess Moisture

Due to how they work, AC units will often show some signs of moisture, but puddling or constant dripping signifies that something is not right.

Inconsistent Cooling

Does your temperature feel different from room to room? Your AC may not be cooling as well as it could be. Listen for irregular cycling — your AC unit turning on and off constantly — which can be another sign of trouble.

Age can also be a factor. A well-maintained air conditioner can last upward of 15 years, but if it’s older than 20, you should call Air Care Heating and Cooling to determine whether you need a replacement.

How Do I Know If I Need a Furnace Replacement?

Your heater may have gotten you through below-zero temperatures and squealing snowstorms. You can appreciate the simple pleasure of a pleasant and toasty home.

Your heater can usually give you a good 15 to 20 years of comfort before age allows telltale signs of trouble to pop up.

Unusual Smells

A burnt, dusty smell may be typical when you’re turning on the furnace for the first time in the fall, but it shouldn’t be excessive or last longer than a few minutes. Extra dusty rooms can also indicate a problem.

Uneven Heating

If a portion of your home is warmer than others while all the vents are open, your furnace may not be performing as effectively as it should be. High energy bills are also a warning sign.

Frequent Repairs

We love to see our customers, but if we’re visiting your home to repair your furnace a few times each year, we recommend a furnace replacement.

What to Expect with HVAC Replacement

The first step in HVAC replacement is to determine the size that your system needs to be. Our team will evaluate your home and your existing system to find a system that can efficiently heat and cool, all while staying within your budget.

After you’ve chosen your HVAC replacement, the real fun begins (at least for the team at Air Care Heating and Cooling!). Your existing furnace or air conditioner will be dismantled and removed. Next, our HVAC experts will check your connections and ductwork for signs of wear and tear and will make repairs if needed.

Your new AC unit or furnace will be installed and connected, with care taken to ensure that each element is connected securely. The Air Care Heating and Cooling team will then test the new AC or furnace to ensure that it cools or heats to the right temperature. Now, you’ll be ready to enjoy your climate-controlled home!

With some planning, your HVAC replacement will be stress-free. Call Air Care Heating and Cooling or visit us online to chat with one of our team members about your HVAC replacement needs!