Parts of North Carolina are especially humid throughout the year, especially Monroe, NC, and nearby towns like Charlotte and Indian Trail, NC. It’s a lush, beautiful state, but the water present in the air requires homeowners to take extra precautions. They make efforts through contractors to ensure that vulnerable points like their roof and garage are sealed from the elements.

If that’s not enough, homeowners in Monroe, NC, can go to a provider like Air Care Heating and Cooling for whole-home dehumidification. But what does that entail, and how do you know that it’s a service fit for your home?

What Is Dehumidification? 

In simple terms, dehumidifiers are devices that absorb the humidity present in a specific space. They work by drawing the warm, moist air into their coils through a fan. The dehumidifier then drains out the water vapor, reheats the air, and sends a dry breeze back throughout the home.

The dehumidification process is similar to the operation of an air conditioner, but an AC unit removes both the heat and the moisture from your home’s air. If you already have an air conditioner, the right dehumidification appliance can work with the existing cooling system and make both run more efficiently. But if you’re choosing between one or the other, you might find a dehumidifier to be more fitting to Monroe’s climate. 

Signs of Excess Humidity

Dehumidification is a great way to make any home at least a little more comfortable. However, you may be living in a house overrun by humidity without even realizing it. Of course, you can call Air Care Heating and Cooling to get a professional opinion, but often it’s easy to see the signs of excess moisture in the air if you know what to look for.

Take an inspection around your home and swipe a finger across the doors and windows. If the air in your home is ripe with water vapor, you’ll find evidence of it in a layer of condensation that makes these surfaces appear to sweat. While you’re at it, look up and check the ceilings and intersections of your walls for spots of mold.

When a home has a high humidity in the air, it runs the risk of developing mold and other forms of bacteria. The presence of these contaminants will also cause an unpleasant smell in the home, similar to when you forget a load of clothes in the laundry overnight. It can also expand the wood in your doors, cabinets, and doors, causing the physical structure of your house to loosen and creak under your touch.

When you work with Air Care Heating and Cooling to install a dehumidification appliance into your home, you can keep the vapor outside from doing any more harm to your household. And that’s only one of the many benefits you can take advantage of. 

Benefits of Dehumidification 

By incorporating a dehumidification system into your home, you can invest in not having to pay for a more in-depth repair down the line. Moisture, when left uncontrolled, can cause severe damage to everything from your paint to your carpet and hardwood. Dehumidification is what you need to keep your home from warping past the point of comprehension.

You will also eliminate the growth of contaminants in and around your property. Bacteria like mold grows where there’s heat and moisture, and it gives off pollutants that can be especially troublesome to people with allergies or other respiratory illnesses. A dehumidification system allows you to take control over your home’s air quality for both yourself and your loved ones. 

If all of the reasons above aren’t enough, consider the fact that getting home dehumidification through Air Care Heating and Cooling will make your living space more comfortable. That’s really the core goal of what we’re trying to do. You work hard to make a life in Monroe, NC, and when you get home, you deserve to relax and feel good in your house. 

And mold and dust? Those don’t feel good. Neither does the smell of mildew or the sound of your floorboards creaking under your feet when you go to get something to drink. We wouldn’t want any of that in our home, and we don’t think it should be in yours either. That’s why we want to work together to make sure it doesn’t have to be. 

Air Care Heating and Cooling: Dehumidification in Monroe, NC

If you’ve been searching the web for providers specializing in “dehumidification near me,” Air Care Heating and Cooling is here for you. That’s as true for those in Monroe, NC, as it is for residents of places like Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding area. 

We can keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and breathing easy 365 days a year. This isn’t just an empty promise-—it’s what we’ve been doing every day since May 2007. 

You deserve to feel comfortable in your home, whatever that takes. So end your relationship with moisture and kick it to the curb. You’ll feel better as soon as you do. And it all starts by calling Air Care Heating and Cooling today.