UV Lights for HVAC Systems in Monroe, NC

When you think about the cleanliness of your home or business, do you ever think about air quality? 

Just like your floors and bathrooms, it’s important to keep your HVAC system clean so that your environment is free of dirt, germs, and toxins. To keep the air inside your home cleaner, you may want to consider UV lights for your heating and cooling systems. 

Germ-killing UV technology is already used in restaurants, grocery stores, and a variety of hospital and health service buildings in Monroe, NC. With help from a trusted professional like Air Care Heating and Cooling, you can get UV lights installed in your home or business, too. 

Want to learn more about how UV lights can improve your HVAC systems? Keep reading!

What Do UV Lights Have to Do with My HVAC System?

Now more than ever before, it’s important to know that the air quality in your home or business is the best it can be for your health and for your peace of mind. 

Also known as purifying lights, germicidal lights, sanitizing lights, or sterilization lights, UV lights reduce the presence of germs in the air that are unhealthy for you and your family to breathe. 

By taking advantage of your HVAC system, which circulates air throughout your home, you can maximize the benefits of an air purification system without having to use standalone solutions that take up space or only work in one room of the home at a time.

The Benefits of UV Lights for HVAC Systems

Even with recommended annual maintenance, your HVAC system can get dirty. One way to ensure that your indoor environment is clean and comfortable is to install UV lights that sterilize your heating and cooling system. 

The average home has plenty of hazards lurking in the air. From pet dander and dirt to germs and mildew, your indoor air quality can be worse inside the walls of your home than it is outside.

UV lights have been shown to kill or reduce the presence of the following: 

  • Mold and mildew
  • Dust and dust mites
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

Clean air is important for everyone, but it is especially critical for people who have breathing issues, such as asthma, allergies, and COPD. 

If a sanitary environment is a priority for your home or business in the southeastern Charlotte area, then UV lights for your HVAC system may be exactly what you need. 

The team at Air Care Heating and Cooling can help. With an array of solutions designed to fit right into your HVAC system, you can enjoy clean, fresh air.

UV Light Options in the Monroe, NC Area

Before you decide that you want Air Care Heating and Cooling to add UV lights to your HVAC system, here is a little more information about the types of lights that are available:

Air-Sanitizing UV Lights 

Did you know that some of the most common forms of debris in your HVAC system are airborne germs and mold? When a local technician from Air Care Heating and Cooling installs your UV light system, it will be placed directly into the building’s ductwork to keep the air passing through clean and germ-free. 

Air-sanitizing lights are often installed to run on the same cycle as your HVAC system. That way, they clean air as it passes through, conserving energy when there is no climate-controlled air to clean. 

Coil-Sanitizing UV Lights 

Coil-sanitizing UV lights are used inside of HVAC systems that have internal coils, such as central AC units. 

In a standard HVAC setup, the system’s coils condense moisture in the air and control the humidity of your home or office. As that happens, debris, dander, and other substances stick to the coils, causing mold and mildew to grow and get into the air you breathe. 

With coil-sanitizing UV lights, one or multiple lamps shine directly onto the coils inside of your HVAC system, cleaning and sterilizing them. Unlike air-sanitizing lights, these UV lights work at all times. The lamp bulbs last from one to two years, so make sure to schedule annual maintenance with Air Care Heating and Cooling before they stop working! 

Which Option Will Work Best for My Home?

Deciding which UV light system will be best for your home or office involves many variables. The experts at Air Care Heating and Cooling can help you choose the system that will work best for your needs. 

When you give us a call, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of each of your options, including costs and projected maintenance. Once you’ve decided on a system, we’ll schedule an installation right away, making the entire process simple, straightforward, affordable, and efficient!

UV Lights and HVAC Services in Charlotte, NC

Does UV light sterilization sound right for your HVAC system? If you’re a resident or business in the Charlotte, NC, area, Air Care Heating and Cooling can answer your questions and schedule an installation. 

Don’t leave the quality of your air to chance! Call Air Care Heating and Cooling today!