3 Signs To Replace Your AC

Three Signs You May Need a New AC

When summer weather arrives, Charlotte, NC residents need to know their air conditioner is up to keep their house cool and comfortable all summer. If it starts to act up, homeowners need to know what signs to look for that indicate they must schedule air conditioner replacement services as soon as possible. 

Some symptoms AC contractors recommend watching for are strange noises coming from the AC, higher energy bills than usual, and weak airflow. If residents notice these, they should schedule an appointment to see if they need to replace their system.

Strange Noises & Bad Smells

smellWhen an air conditioner starts to break down and needs to be replaced, there are numerous signs homeowners can look for indicating they need to schedule air conditioning replacement services. Two common symptoms are strange noises and foul odors.

  • Strange sounds: If an air conditioner starts making odd noises, technicians suggest this could indicate a mechanical issue with the system. Sounds like grinding, screeching, or banging can signal key components – like the motor or fan – are malfunctioning. These can break down over time due to wear and tear. Instead of replacing the individual parts, it can be more cost-effective for homeowners to install a new AC system. 
  • Foul odors: Bad smells from the air conditioner can suggest a few issues. One common problem is the presence of mold or mildew inside the unit or the ductwork. When moisture accumulates within the system, it can cause them to grow. Another frequently noticed odor is a burning smell. This can indicate serious issues that require immediate attention. It could indicate a serious problem that can put the household at risk. Depending on the cause of the smell, technicians may recommend replacing the system. 

Higher Energy Bills

billSuppose homeowners suddenly notice their energy bills are higher and their air conditioner usage has been the same. In that case, it can indicate their system is aging and is no longer operating as efficiently as it used to. Older units may not have newer models’ latest energy efficiency standards. Newer models often come with improved technology and higher energy efficiency ratings, which can lead to lower utility bills and reduced environmental impact. 

If a home’s system is consuming excessive energy and causing a significant increase in cooling costs, AC technicians may recommend upgrading to a more energy-efficient model.

Weak Airflow

If homeowners notice that even though their air conditioner is running, the amount of cool air coming through the vents is weaker, or the air is not as cool as it should be, it can indicate the AC unit needs to be replaced. 

When AC contractors inspect the system to determine what’s causing the reduced airflow, they will likely check the blower fan, the age, and size of the unit, and look for blockages or refrigerant issues. 

An air conditioner’s blower fan pushes air through the system and the home. If this fan malfunctions, it can lead to reduced airflow. While the fan can be repaired, in some cases, replacing it can be more cost-effective.

The size of an air conditioner can also impact its ability to cool the house. If it’s undersized, it won’t be able to produce enough air to cool the house. Older AC systems also can struggle to cool homes.

Another issue technicians will look for is blockages or refrigerant leaks. These can disrupt the cooling process and lead to weak airflow. Blockages can occur in the condenser coils or refrigerant lines, limiting refrigerant flow and hindering cooling efficiency.

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